Vision and Values

Teaching and training our members to become change agents in the transformation of their lives, families and communities through the local church and a faith-based non-profit organization.
Reaching and welcoming thousands of people from all ethnic groups into our church family, some who do and others who will proclaim Jesus Christ as Lord.
Assisting all God’s children- young people as well as adults-to discover their spiritual gifts so that they are equipped to serve Jesus Christ effectively in a significant ministry. Our goal is that every member be a minister (active servant).
Nurturing all God’s people-new believers as well as established believers – into followers of Jesus Christ through Spirit-led worship services, bible studies, small groups, retreats and a bible school for our members and the body of Christ.
Small groups where God’s people model biblical community: a safe place where we accept one another and are accepted, love and are loved, shepherd and are shepherded, encourage and are encouraged, forgive and are forgiven, and serve and are served.
Facilities that accommodate our growth and be accessible to all of the Greater Cincinnati area. These facilities will provide ample room to fulfill the God given vision.
Outreaches that share the good news and Love of Jesus Christ with thousands of unchurched friends and people.
Responding to the needs of our local and surrounding communities as directed by the Lord.
Maturing into the likeness and image of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. A part of this maturing will include sending out members on long and short term missions trips and planting of covenant churches and ministries.
Intimacy with God
We believe that God desires an intimate relationship with every believer through the person of the Holy Spirit. Spiritual disciplines help us achieve intimacy with him, evidenced by fruitfulness in our lives. (John 15:1-17, Luke 5:16)
Christ’s Headship
We acknowledge Christ as the head of our church and submit ourselves and all our activities to His will and good pleasure. (Ephesians 1:22-23)
Biblical Teaching
We strive to teach God’s Word with integrity and authority so that unbelievers find Christ and believers mature in Him. (2 Timothy 3:16)
Authentic Worship
We desire to acknowledge God’s supreme value and worth in our personal lives and in the corporate, contemporary worship of our church. (Romans 12:1-2)
We rely on private and corporate prayer in the conception, planning, and execution of all the ministries and activities of this church. (Matthew 7:7-11)
Sense of Community
We ask all people to commit to and fully participate in Biblically functioning groups where they may reach the lost, exercise their gifts, are shepherded, and thus grow in Christ likeness (Acts 2:44-46)
We support the spiritual nurture of the family as one of God’s dynamic means to perpetuate the Christian faith. (2 Timothy 1:5)
We encourage our members to serve Christ from hearts of love and gratitude rather than guilt and condemnation. (Romans 6:14)
We value unchurched, lost people and will use every available Christ-honoring means to pursue, win, and disciple them. (Luke 19:10)
Mobilized Congregation
We seek to equip all our uniquely designed and gifted people to effectively accomplish the work of the ministry. (Ephesians 4:11-13)
Ministry Excellence
Since God gave his very best (the Savior), we seek to honor Him by maintaining a high standard of excellence in all our ministries and activities. (Colossians 3:23-24)