2020 (Focus)
We are NOT driven by numbers but our passion is His passion and purpose to reach the lost with the Gospel. Every number is a person and every person is immensely valuable to Christ. By 2020 we intend to have 400 people in attendance for every service. This will only occur by transforming lives through salvation and baptism. It will include the stability brought forth through prescribed changes in infrastructure, communications capability, staff development, and a culture of evangelism, discipleship, and small groups. This will require relocating from our existing Kennedy Heights facility and acquire facilities to accommodate our growth providing a variety of ministries with unique identity. As we approach the 2020 time frame we will have sold our property providing a sound financial foundation for the next steps of our growth.


We will Follow After In Trusting Him with all our heart with Vision_2020 will challenge and require us to SHIFT. It will mean asking hard questions and listening to honest answers. Vision_2020 is designed to push us to SHIFT to an outward focus ministry by asking questions like, “Who is a part of Bread of Life Church, and doesn’t even know it yet?” Winning and reaching the lost will require us to SHIFT from being simply a welcoming church to becoming a welcoming and connecting church. We will shift our emphasis to a culture that pushes BEYOND our walls. For us to follow where God is leading us, it will require us to SHIFT culture, infrastructure, outlook, and expectations. God is calling us to more: to SHIFT from being comfortable to being bold and God-dependent.

If Bread of Life Church – Cincinnati were to close its doors tomorrow, would our community care or even notice? We live in a community and world with great physical and spiritual needs. Vision_2020 intends to stretch us to go BEYOND our walls to be a valuable, known, and life-giving influence for the Greater Cincinnati area. BEYOND looks to a future of significant multiplication of individuals, as well as establishing local and global missions, investment with strategic partners in order to train our leaders, work with local churches, and to address both physical and spiritual needs as part of building long-term relationships. We must SHIFT BEYOND just being remembered to being missed.