Student Services

Sonship School of the Firstborn strives to provide assistance to students with disabilities. Each situation will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
It is the interest and self-discipline of students that will ultimately determine success in meeting the program goals. Therefore, each student, despite his or her disability, is responsible for the proper completion of all required course work.
Exams, Projects and Internships
Mastery of a course is determined by the successful completion of a particular assignment appropriate for the degree of learning.
Mid-course evaluations, project reviews, internship evaluations, and theses drafts, should be completed before the student proceeds through the remainder of the course.
Appropriate end-of-course evaluations for each course of instruction will be given to each student.
  • Core Curriculum examinations: 50% of grade
  • Required Labs: 20% of grade
  • Independent Projects and Internships: 20% of grade
  • Class Participation and Punctuality: 10% of grade
Grading System
Sonship School of the Firstborn’s grading system for the Certificate of Diploma program is as follows:
90 – 100 = A 4.0 Excellent
80 – 89 = B 3.0 Above Average
70 – 79 = C 2.0 Average
65 – 69 = D 1.0 Below Average
Below 65 = F 0.0 Does Not Meet Specified Requirements
Honors Program
A Certificate of Honor is presented to students who achieve a GPA of 3.5 or higher.
Students who achieve a GPA of 3.5 – 3.98 receive recognition as Honor graduates. Students who achieve a 3.99 GPA represent the distinction of High Honor. A GPA of 4.0 represents the distinction of Highest Honor. In lieu of a certificate, a notation may be made on the diploma “With Honors.”
An unofficial transcript is maintained by Sonship School of the Firstborn, and upon successful completion of the program there will be an issuance of an official transcript and diploma.

Additional or replacement transcripts are available upon request to Sonship School of the Firstborn.
Local Church Involvement
All students are expected to display the highest standards of Christian living and conduct. Students are required to attend regular church services, and serve in a ministry of the local church while a student of Sonship School of the Firstborn.

Students, who are not members of Bread of Life Church, must submit a Ministry Involvement Form on an annual basis, to remain enrolled.