Getting Connected

Bread of Life Church has meetings and classes to assist you in being committed to God, connected to the church and ultimately coming into your destiny!
Bread of Life Church Orientation
A casual gathering to meet our Pastor and First Lady to hear about the history, mission and future vision of Bread of Life Church, and how you can be a part of it! 
Class 101 – Discovering Church Membership
These classes are designed to connect you with God’s plan for your life as well as an in-depth look into what we believe and the structure of the church.
  • Our Salvation in Christ
  • Our Statements
  • Our Strategy
  • Our Structure
Class 201 – Introduction to Spiritual Maturity
These classes with assist you with developing a firm foundation toward maturity.
  • How to get a “Grasp” on Your Bible
  • The Habit of a Daily Time with God
  • A Habit of Prayer
  • A Habit of Tithing
  • A Habit of Fellowship
Class 301 – Discovering My SHAPE for Ministry
These classes will help you discover your spiritual gifts and your ministry strengths.
  • Discovering and Developing your unique design
  • Selecting and beginning to Serving
Class 401 – Discovering My Life Mission
These classes will assist with committing my life to sharing God’s Good News to people and using my time, talent and treasures for His Kingdom.
  • God’s Purpose for Creating Us
  • Sharing His Message
  • Fishing in my mission pond
  • Becoming a mature Christian
Graduation Ceremony
What to Expect
1st Visit / Parking
I Am New