Gilgal Series (Firsts)
FGS 101 First Prayer
Covers four basis of prayer, utilizing the allegory of a baseball game.
FGS 102 First Fruit
A discovery of five secrets of living and the power of abiding in the Vine.
FGS 103 First Worship
Explores the various facets of worship; i.e., singing, lifting of the hands, dancing, etc.
FGS 104 First Love
A discovery of the essence of love, as exemplified in the Lord, Himself.
FGS 105 First Principles
Covers the six principles of the doctrine of Christ, enumerated in Hebrews 6:1-2.
FGS 106 First Tenth
A study of the basic principles of stewardship versus ownership.
FGS 107 First Faith
An excellent study of becoming more intimately acquainted with the Author of your faith-Jesus Christ.
FGS 108 First Fear
A careful study of the fear syndrome, and how to combat and trample fear underfoot.
FGS 109 First Commandment
An intense study of the Ten Commandments as a school master that ultimately leads us to Christ.
Bethel Series (Laws)
LBS 110 Church Government
Emphasizes the authority and order in the local church.
LBS 111 Church Health
Provides a clear insight into the requirements for maintaining a healthy local church.
LBS 112 Triple “A” Church
A study that explores an affection, an appreciation, and an aspiration for the house of God.
LBS 113 Ministry of Helps
Gives insight into the support elements within the local church.
LBS 114 The Sabbath
A study of the reason we worship on Sunday.
LBS 115 Vessels in a Great House
A detailed account of being vessels meet for the Master’s use and prepared for every good work.
LBS 116 The Perfect Father
Insight into the unconditional love of our heavenly Father as depicted in the biblical account of the prodigal son.
LBS 117 Motivational Gifts
In-depth study of the foundational motivational gifts in the body of Christ-Free to be me.
Jericho and Jordan Series
JJS 119 Before and After the Call
A study that evaluates how to determine the call of God on your life and how to respond to that call.
JJS 120 After the Proof of the Call
The biblical standard of evaluation and certification, which attests to the character of the minister prior to release into ministry.
JJS 121 Equipment for the Called
Concentration on a minister’s prayer life and the ministry of the Word.
JJS 122 The Ascension Ministry of Jesus Christ
Explorative study of the ascension (five-fold) ministry of Jesus Christ.
JJS 123 Overcoming Offences
How to overcome the stumbling-block of offences.
JJS 124 Merismos
In-depth study of dividing the soul (mind, will, emotions) and the spirit.
JJS 125 Us and Them
A study of two groups: inheritors of Gods promises and those who do not.
JJS 126 Toys ‘R Us
A study that evaluates whether you are a tool in the Lord’s hands or a toy in the hands of the devil.
JJS 127 Brokenness
A thorough analysis of the continual need for brokenness in the life of a Believer.
JJS 128 The Pragmatics of Church Building
A ‘how to’ manual designed for five-fold ministers